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I am a researcher interested in unraveling the mysteries of patterns in natural sounds, text, and structured data using machine learning techniques -- to help with the real-world problems of biodiversity loss, noise pollution, infectious disease and invasive species due to climate change, and concerns related to co-habitation of spaces with wildlife and people.

Currently, I am available as a speaker, or to consult on projects relating to noise, biodiversity, conservation approaches using remote-sensing, or advocacy for the environment and museum-spaces. Are you interested in collaborating on a project? Please reach out!

My leisurely activities involve exploring museum spaces, historical events and reenactments, and playing any one of the instruments from my eclectic musical instrument collection. 



Kristen Bellisario, MFA, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, John Martinson Honors College

Director, HIFI Lab

Purdue University

Coze Health LLC, Owner

Indiana, USA

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