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Kristen Bellisario, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor

John Martinson Honors College

Purdue University


Assistant Director

Center for Global Soundscapes

Graduate Faculty

Ecological Sciences and Engineering Program

Purdue University


Hi-Fi Bioconservatory


2018  PhD, Purdue University, Center for Global Soundscapes, Dept. of Forestry & Natural Resources

Using Computational Musicological Approaches and Informatics to Characterize Soundscapes in Diverse Natural and Human-dominated Ecosystems.

Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship


1998 MFA, University of California, Irvine

Regents Fellow


1996 BMus, California State University, Long Beach

magna cum laude 



2023 Associate Editor, Ecological Informatics

2022-present Clinical Assistant Professor

John Martinson Honors College

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

2018-2021 Postdoctoral Research Associate

Center for Global Soundscapes

Dept. of Forestry & Natural Resources

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

2017-present Member Owner, CFO

Coze Health LLC, Coze Holdings LLC, Coze Health Medical LLC

2014-18 Research Assistant:

Center for Global Soundscapes

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR)

Student Awards

Partaker, C., Haydock, J., Nickle, L., Peck, L., Pitt, A., Prashant, P., and Ryan, N. First Place, College of Science, "Using Affordable Acoustic Recording Units to Understand the Acoustic Community and its Relationship to Noise from Low Flying Airplane Engines," November 2022.

Grants & Awards

2021 - Co-PI: NASA Multi-sensor biodiversity framework developed from bioacoustics and space-based sensor platform

2020 - College of Agriculture TEAM Award recipient, Tipping Point Planner Project

2020-21 - Pijanowski, B.C . and K.M. Bellisario. Assistance with the automated call detection of waterbird species at an Air Force Base in Central Florida.  US Fish and Wildlife Service

2020-21 - Pijanowski, B.C. and K.M. Bellisario. Use of acoustic sensors to detect mosquitoes in India.  Shah Family Global Innovation Lab, Purdue University

2018-19 - Pijanowski, B.C. and K.M. Bellisario. Customer discovery program to understand science communication in an informal education setting.  NSF iCorps Program

2018 - Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, Purdue University

2018 - FNR Symposium, PhD Research, 1st Place, "Data Mining for Soundscape Content Using a Multi-label kNN Approach"

2017 - FNR Symposium, PhD Research, honorable mention, "Grassland acoustic community affected by Civil War reenactment"

2015 - FNR Symposium, PhD Research, 2nd Place,

"Using computational musicological approaches in soundscape analysis (HPCP)"

Invited Talks

"Soundscape paradigm in habitats for dual benefit of ecosystem service and stress-reducing human outdoor recreation," Music For Health at Bates College, October 2022.

“Sensor technologies for real time monitoring of mosquito populations through heat maps,” Forestry and Natural Resources Seminar Series, April 2021.

“A new interdisciplinary research platform aims to optimize acoustic monitoring outcomes using AI methods,” Acoustical Society of America, May 2020 (canceled due to COVID-19)

“Tipping Point and Indicator Project: Theoretical Background and Model,” Saginaw Bay community, July 2018.

“A rapid assessment monitoring framework to characterize a loud sound event stressor on a vocalizing bird community in a US Midwestern prairie,” International Society of Ecoacoustics, Brisbane, Australia, June 2018.

“Using data mining to identify patterns in soundscape data.” Global Sustainable Soundscape Network (GSSN) Workshop, La Selva Biological Research Station, Costa Rica, July 2016.

“iListen portal - Component to interactive theatre show.” Connecticut Science Center, April 2016.

“Using sound to monitor the Earth.”  University of Central Florida, via Skype, November 2016.

TEDxPurdueU, “Mission to Record the Earth.” Purdue University, Indiana, April 2016.

“Musicological metrics.” GSSN Workshop, The Field Station, Nebraska and South Dakota State University, July 2015.2016 - Mission to Record the Earth. TedX Talk, Purdue University. (April)

“Using computational musicology approaches for soundscape analysis.” International Symposium on Sustainable Systems (ISSST), Michigan, May 2015.

“Music and soundscape intersections.” Arizona State University, SciComm Retreat, July 2014.

“Human musical connection with natural soundscapes.” Penn State University, Sound/Science/Environment, April 2014.

“Time-series MODIS-NDVI and Cropland Data Layers in the Midwest: Phenological Relationships in Corn.” Purdue University, FNR Symposium, Poster Presentation. April, 2014.

“Using music analysis in soundscapes.” GSSN Workshop, Sonoran Desert, Arizona, July 2014.

“Sound walks.” GSSN Workshop, Sonoran Desert, Arizona, July 2013.


Ecological and quantitative statistics & modeling

Data mining and informatics

Natural language processing

Data Visualization

Proficient in communication and design software

Educator (informal and formal, age 3 to 92)

Performer (flutist)


Select Publications

Bellisario, K., Jessup, L., VanSchaik, J., Dunning, J. B., Graupe, C., Savage, D., & Pijanowski, B. C. (2023). Time-series forecasting offers novel quantitative measure to assess loud sound event in an urban park with restored prairie. Ecological Informatics, 75, 102100.

Dagys, K., Agipar, B., Tsolmon, S., Ringler, C., Bellisario, K., & Fanzo, J. (2023). Maximizing nutrition in key food value chains of Mongolia under climate change. Food Policy, 117, 102468.

Wagner, R. G., Bellisario, K. M., & Kong, N. N. (2022). Change in Doctoral Dissertation Topics in Forest Resources from US Universities Over Four Decades. Forest Science, 68(2), 228-238.

Gottesman, B., Sprague, J., Kushner, D., Bellisario, K., Savage, D., McKenna, M., Conlin, D., DiDonato, E., Barkaszi, M., Halvoresen, M., and  Pijanowski, B. (2020) “Soundscapes Indicate Kelp Forest Condition.” Marine Ecology Progress Series 654, 35-52


Yildirim, A., Grant, J. C., Song, G., Yook, S., Mutlu, Z., Peana, S., ... & Cakmak, M. (2020). “Roll‐to‐Roll Production of Novel Large‐Area Piezoelectric Films for Transparent, Flexible, and Wearable Fabric Loudspeakers.” Advanced Materials Technologies, 5(7), 2000296.


Zhao, Z., Zhi-yong Xu, K. Bellisario, R. Zeng, N. Li, W. Zhou, B.C. Pijanowski (2019). “Effect of sound unit shape, vocalization intensity, and frequency of vocalization occurrence on acoustic indices.” Ecological Indicators.

Bellisario, K., B.C. Pijanowski (2019). “Contributions of Music Information Retrieval (MIR) to Soundscape Ecology. Part 1: Potential Methodological Synergies.” Ecological Informatics. 

Bellisario, K., J. VanSchaik, Z. Zhao, H. Omrani, A. Gasc, B. Pijanowski (2019). “Contributions of MIR to Soundscape Ecology. Part 2: Spectral timbral analysis for discrimination of soundscape components.” Ecological Informatics.

Bellisario, K., T. Broadhead, Z. Zhao, H. Omrani, H. Zhang, D. Savage, J. Springer, B.C. Pijanowski (2019). “Contributions of MIR to Soundscape Ecology. Part 3: Tagging and classifying audio features using a multi-label k-nearest neighbor approach.” Ecological Informatics.

Omrani, H., Bellisario, K., Zhao, Z. and B.C. Pijanowski (2019). A scalable modeling framework for massive machine learning-based land change simulations: Applying the k-means clustering scheme and the Spark cluster computing environment for model calibration. Environmental Modelling and Software.

Gottesman, B, D. Francomano, Z. Zhao, K. Bellisario, M. Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, T. Broadhead, A. Gasc, B. Pijanowski (2018). “Acoustic monitoring reveals diversity and surprising dynamics in tropical freshwater soundscapes.”  Freshwater Biology. Vol 63: Issue 5. 10.1111/fwb.13096

Zhao, Z., S.H. Zhang, Z.Y. Xu, K. Bellisario, N.H. Dai, H. Omrani, and B.C. Pijanowski. (2017). Automated bird acoustic event detection and robust species classification for field recording analysis. Ecological Informatics, 39, 99-108.

Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, M. D. Francomano, K. Bellisario, B. Pijanowski (2018) “Promoting STEM interest and connections to nature through soundscape ecology summer camp experiences for students with visual impairments.” Connected Science Learning. February.

Zhang, S., Z. Zhao, Z. Xu, K. Bellisario, B. Pijanowski (2018) “Automatic bird vocalization identification based on fusion of spectral pattern and texture features.” Proceedings of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. February.

VanSchaick, J., K. Bellisario, A. Gasc, and B. Pijanowski. (2017)  “Spatial autocorrelation of soundscapes in old growth and disturbed paleotropical forests of Borneo.” Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research.

Extension Publications

Salazar, K., Utley, L., Pijanowski, B.C., Walker, D., Doucette, J., Bellisario, K. Miller, B., Wiley, M., and Rutherford, E.. (2020). With GIS, Communities See How Land-Use Changes May Affect Local Water Quality. Esri ArcNews. Winter Issue.

Ulybyshev, D., Bare, C.,  Bellisario, K, Kholodilo, V., Northern, B., Solanki, A., and O’Donnell, T. (2020) “EHR Protection in Transit and at Rest.” IEEE 33rd International Symposium on Computer Based Medical Systems (CBMS), Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. June 2020 (postponed due to COVID-19).

Robinson, K., Bellisario, K., and Pijanowski, B.C. (2020). “Tipping Points: What Are They and Why Are They Important?” FNR-602-W, Purdue University Extension.


Robinson, K., Bellisario, K., and Pijanowski, B.C. (2020). “Informing the Development of the Great Lakes Region Decision Support System.” FNR-601-W, Purdue University Extension.


Ghadiri, M.,  Gasc, A., Francomano, D., Bellisario, K., Pijanowski, B.C., and Shepardson, D.P. (2020). “Your Ecosystem Listening Labs (YELLS): The Science of Soundscape Ecology Instructor’s Guide, Grades 5-8.” FNR-600-W Purdue University Extension


Ghadiri, M.,  Bellisario, K., Savage, D., Gottesman, B.,, Francomano, D., Gasc, A., Oliver, D., Pijanowski, B.C. (2020). “Your Ecosystem Listening Labs (YELLS): The Science of Soundscape Ecology Student’s Guide, Grades 5-8.” FNR-607-W Purdue University Extension


Bellisario, K., Savage, D., Gottesman, B.,, Francomano, D., Ghadiri, M.,  Harris, M., Pijanowski, B.C.  (2020). “iListen Guide: Skills and Missions.” FNR-605-W Purdue University Extension.


Pijanowski, B.C., Bellisario, K., Lenzi, J., Walker, D., Savage, D., and Salazar, K. (2020). “Community Soundscape Planning Guide: Controlling Noise & Protecting Natural and Cultural Sonic Spaces.” FNR-603-W, Purdue University Extension.

Media Coverage

Podcast Interview: Proceedings for National Academy of Science: "Tuning into nature's music," November 2022.

Television Interview: ABC 6, “Listening to the History of the Indiana Prairie.” 2017

Video Interview: The Center for Global Soundscapes at Purdue University, Webs Edge Education, 2016

Video Presentation: "How sound can help monitor our environment." EarthShift Global, Webinar, 2016.

Video Presentation: Mission to Record the Earth, TedX Talk., 2016

Magazine Interview: Audubon Magazine, “Recording Our Planet’s Acoustic Heritage- Before It’s Gone,” 2013

Magazine Spotlight: ACRES Land Trust: “I Love This Place: Sound Saving Science,” Quarterly Newsletter, 2013

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